Mr. Christian Grandjean hosted Washington-based Desk Officer Ivan Weinstein, Political Specialist Daphne Warlamis, and Commercial Specialist Sandor Galambos at his family-owned farm in the French-speaking part of Switzerland to discuss problems farmers are facing nowadays and obstacles concerning the marketability of U.S. agricultural products in Switzerland. 

Following a business meeting, the group enjoyed a traditional meal featuring products from the local area.  The visit concluded with a tour in Mr. Grandjean’s barn to view his family’s collection of vintage cow bells, some of which date back to the 18th century.  The visit was part of the Embassy’s rural outreach initiative.


(from left to right) Ms. and Mr. Grandjean, Desk Officer I. Weinstein, D.Warlamis (Pol/E), S.Galambos (FCS), S. Oehninger


Desk officer I.Weinstein